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Review: Sleepypod Carriers

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, and I received no compensation from Sleepypod or anyone else for writing it. Just a huge fan of the product.

One of my biggest fears is that something bad will happen to one of my fur babies that I could have prevented by being a more responsible pet owner. Generally, this fear just causes me to spend too much money on things they don’t need, but every now and then I find a product that is really worth the money: enter Sleepypod carriers.

A few years ago I came across an article detailing safety issues with pet carriers and harnesses. It was horrifying, to say the least. Check out The Center for Pet Safety to read more about this and watch the videos from their pilot study. (Warning: these videos will induce the desire to squeeze your pets and immediately buy one of the carriers that passes the crash tests.)

Since Watson is only 4.5lbs and I have fostered kittens in the past, car safety has always been a concern of mine. I don’t want to imagine what would happen to their tiny bodies in a high-speed car accident.

But not to worry, Sleepypod has our backs, and pet safety is their number one concern. Not only do they ensure that all of their carriers pass their own crash testing, but they have passed CPS’s crash tests as well. Sleepypod’s website states that “today, Sleepypod crash tests its entire line of dog safety harnesses and pet carriers at the standard set for child safety restraints.” You can watch videos of all of these crash tests on their site.

Sleepypod Air

Let’s talk about the actual carriers. The first carrier I purchased from Sleepypod was the Sleepypod Air since Watson is small enough to fly with as a carry-on. It feels like a duffle bag to carry and can slide over your luggage handles for your pet to ride around the airport on top of your suitcase. Like all of the Sleepypod carriers, it has a super soft plush bed inside as well as a tether to keep your pet from darting out. Watson was not a huge fan of this carrier. I think the thick mesh that covers the top kept him from being able to see me in the car with him. (He’s never minded car rides or any other carriers). Also, at 4lbs, it weighed almost as much as he does!

When Dora joined our family, she inherited the Sleepypod Air. Dora hates car rides more than anything else in this world, but she seems to tolerate them a bit more in this carrier. As a big kitty at 17lbs, the small, airline approved carrier is still big enough for her, which is good if, god forbid, I ever have to fly with her. My favorite thing about this carrier is that it folds flat for storage.

Sleepypod Mini

Last year, Watson got a Sleepypod Mini, and he is obsessed. Watson and Dora fight over this carrier even though it’s clearly way too small for her. It is meant for pets under 7lbs, so it’s the perfect size for him and is still small enough for most airline carry-on requirements. Since its circular, the top zips off to make a cuddler style bed, which is perfect for travel. The mesh is wider on this model so Watson can see me in the car and everyone is happy. (As long as you don’t tell Dora we are taking a car ride.)

Sleepypod also sells crash tested harnesses for our bigger puppy friends and offers a range of accessories from heated bed inserts to travel bowls. But most importantly for a couple hundred dollars, I know my pets are safe.

Sleepypod carriers are Watson & Tonks approved.

Check them out here.


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